The Life Team exists to equip our church to be Gospel motivated voices for life. We are a ministry directly connected to Lutherans for Life. We work with the pastor to engage and inform the congregation from the pulpit, through Sunday school, and through youth and adult education about the importance of protecting the Sanctity of Human Life at all stages.  We meet on the third Tuesday of the month and all are welcome. For more information contact Paula Cate through the church office. 


Are you curious about the new COVID-19 vaccines?  Lutheran for Life's board of directors has issued a position statement on the development and use of vaccines.  In it, you will learn LFL's stance on the use of tissue from aborted babies in the development of some vaccines. This position paper does not oppose the use of vaccines, but it does raise awareness about vaccine origins. You can read the position statement below and also link to it on our website.

 The Charlotte Lozier Institute created a chart that clarifies which vaccines have and have not used aborted fetal tissues. You can view the chart by clicking HERE. To read the Lutherans for Life stance on vaccinations as they relate to issues of life, click HERE.


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